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Single Session Therapy (SST)

Change your life in just 1 session!

Offered by Alishia Ebel, LMSW

**Please contact Alishia directly to schedule an SST appointment.

What is Single Session Therapy?

Single Session Therapy (SST) is a research-based approach that is effective in responding to clients’ needs where they only want the support of a therapist for a brief period. It enables them to focus on an issue and to use their own resources to tackle a situation or solve a problem. 

SST aims to get to the heart of a particular issue or problem during one discussion. Appointments average 60 to 90 minutes, the therapist focuses on your strengths and skills, then helps you identify and practice things you can do now to get yourself unstuck.

To put into simple terms; It is 1 therapy session focused on helping you address a specific goal and hopefully help you solve the issue that has you feeling stuck.

People who tend to do best with SST can identify a relatively specific goal: dealing with grief, building self-esteem, validating feelings, identifying positive coping skills, processing family/relationship issues, and processing life transitions just to name a few.

The Therapeutic Process of SST

To begin your 1 session journey, you will fill out an electronic questionnaire that will be sent through the patient portal. This detailed questionnaire will serve as a tool for you to explain in depth the issues and goal you would like to address during your session. This will ensure that time is spent focusing on helping you get the most out of your session.

After your session, I will follow-up with you in 1-2 weeks to see how things are going and offer any added guidance that may be helpful. You can opt out of the follow-up step if you choose.

If after your first session you feel that you would benefit from more sessions, you are welcome to schedule more at the traditional therapy rate as well as use your insurance!

Single Session Fees

Unfortunately, insurance will not cover Single Session Therapy at this time. All fees will be out of pocket and are expected at the time of service.

Fee rates reflect the additional pre-appointment planning as well as the additional follow up after your session. 

60 minute session: $180

90 minute session $280

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