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Telehealth Therapy 

Online Therapy Services in Michigan

Welcome to our Virtual Office!  At Plymouth Mental Health we provide therapy services to children, teens, adults, and families in Michigan. Telehealth provides easy access to therapy and is more flexible with your schedule. As long as you are in Michigan, you can see anyone of our therapists!


We specialize in depression, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, therapy for college students, women's issues, men's issues, child/teen issues, life transitions, LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy and EMDR

Whatever issues you are facing, our therapists are here to help!

Working From Home

Telehealth (Online Therapy) allows you the opportunity to engage in therapy from anywhere in Michigan. No matter where you are located or how hectic your schedule is, you can still see your therapist whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. 

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Complete the Appointment Request form and our admin team will contact you within 1 business day to schedule!

Telehealth Therapists

All of our therapists have the ability to see you virtually!

Flexibility, access and convenience make it easy to get the help you deserve.

Online Therapy from anywhere you're comfortable

Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?


Are you a busy stay-at-home or working parent, and don’t have the time to drive across town for an appointment?


Do you live in a more rural area, or maybe you prefer to just do things Virtually?


If so, we can help you through online therapy, or telehealth.


Telehealth allows us to provide counseling and therapy to our clients via live video conferencing. This can be done anywhere you have a computer or smartphone.


Telehealth appointments can be very beneficial if getting to a traditional in-person appointment is not convenient, or you simply just don’t want to.


Our telehealth solution allows you to schedule an appointment directly online and have the entire therapy session take place digitally. While you don’t need a video camera, we do recommend you use one.


To learn more and get started with virtual therapy, please contact us today or schedule an appointment online.

**Due to the complex nature of working with children, it is recommended that children ages 8 and younger attend in-person sessions as opposed to telehealth. In-person sessions allow for effective engagement, interactive play and movement and the ability for the therapist to observe the child in totality.  

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Plymouth Office

42217 Ann Arbor Rd. (In PMC Center)

Plymouth, MI 48170

Ann Arbor Office

2020 Hogback Rd., Suite 12

Ann Arbor, MI 48105


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