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The Benefits of Seeing a Therapist Intern

Before becoming a licensed therapist, it is required that therapists gain experience in the field. As an effort to help our local aspiring therapists build up their knowledge and experience, Plymouth Mental Health provides a field placement opportunity to help support their clinical education. Our interns are eager and ready to support you and your family! We know you may have questions so, we’re here to tell you more about the benefits of working with a therapist intern. 


Seeing an intern allows clients to receive services at a significantly reduced rate. While interns cannot accept insurance, they do provide affordable private pay rates to help make services more accessible. 

Smaller Caseloads

Interns often see fewer clients - and that’s great news for you! Interns have the ability to dedicate more time and energy to each client/family.

You Get A Team

When you work with an intern, you’re working with a team of therapists! Interns are closely supervised by a licensed therapists with years of experience. Interns bring the wisdom of these experienced therapists directly into your sessions. 

Fresh Knowledge

Interns are still completing their graduate degrees, so they are learning the most up-to-date, research-supported strategies to help people. They are immersed in evidence-based approaches for supporting individuals and families.

Energy & Excitement

Interns have worked long and hard to be in a position to support clients and families. All that effort fuels passion enthusiasm and excitement!

Enhanced Collaberation

Because your therapist is still learning, we encourage open communication and constructive feedback. This empowers you to have more control over your treatment and helps support your therapists journey of gaining experience. 



Does an intern have experience?

Yes! Because our interns are graduate students, they have already gained clinical experience from other internships during their undergraduate and sometimes graduate programs. Clinical experience varies, but often includes exposure to working with individuals and/or groups in various settings.


What type of training do they have?

Before our interns are able to have their own caseload and see clients independently, they spend several weeks training. They observe and participate in sessions held by other therapists at the practice and learn all of the internal polices and procedures of PMH. Once they have completed all of their training, they begin to see clients of their own.


What will my sessions look like?

Your therapy sessions will look the same as if you were seeing a licensed therapists! Your first session will be a chance for you and your therapist to get to know each other and make sure you are a good fit. After that, you and you therapist will continue to meet on a weekly basis to help you achieve the goals that you have in mind. 


How long will I need therapy?

Therapy is not a one size fits all so the length of your treatment can vary. Some people make great progress in a few sessions while others choose to engage in therapy long term for several years. The length of treatment is ultimately your choice and your therapist can help you navigate that decision.


What happens when their internship ends?

Internships inevitably come to and end. Once your therapists internship close is approaching, your options will be discussed. You may decide to end therapy or choose to continue with another therapists at the practice. *Before beginning therapy, you will be notified of the anticipated end date of the therapists internship.


How much does it cost?

Because an intern is still in training, they are not allowed to bill commercial insurance (BCBS). Because of this, interns are only able to see private pay clients. The good news is that the fees are drastically reduced. An intake appointment (the 1st session) is $75 and all subsequent 50 minute sessions are $60.

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