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Kate Regnier, LLMSW


Hi! I'm Kate.

Are you a chronic people pleaser?  Do you have fears and phobias that keep you from living fully? Do you live in a constant state of panic and stress, wishing you could feel calm for the first time? Are you in a cycle of shame that feels never ending? Are you barely sleeping, struggling with digestive issues, and can't focus? A couple years ago, I checked every box! Now, I utilize EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness Based practices to help change your negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself, just as I did as a client in therapy.

EMDR Therapy stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is different from talk therapy. With this approach, we use eye movements or sounds to create bilateral stimulation of the brain. It sounds intimidating if you don’t know what it is-but I promise you, it's not!

EMDR helped ease my panic attacks, decrease my constant people pleasing, relieve digestive issues and stomach pain due to my anxiety, and to go from anxious insecure attachment in relationships to secure attachment. Whether you know the source of your anxiety, or it seemed to show up out of nowhere- I want to help. Let's get started!

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